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프리오더기간 : 12/18/2020-1/1/2021 at iise.co

배송 : 2021 1

We wanted to close out this year on a positive note with a collaboration with tattooist Apro Lee and Magpie Brewing, by creating a unique piece to symbolize support and community moving into the new year. 

We have all been exploring the use of Korean elements in our work: Apro incorporating traditional Korean art into his tattooing, Magpie using Korean ingredients and locally brewing in Jeju Island, and IISE’s use of Korean inspired design in fashion. This souvenir jacket is designed by IISE using embroidered artwork of Apro’s Korean tigers and magpie birds.

All proceeds from this jacket will be donated to Lifeline Korea, an independent organization in Korea aimed to give support to people struggling with mental health. If you are in need of mental health support, please contact Lifeline Korea at +82-1588-9191.

Preorder time period: 12/18/2020-1/1/2021 at iise.co

Delivery: end of January 2021.